8PC Colourful Christmas Face Masks Party Masks Unisex Face Washable Masks

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8PC Reusable Colourful Fabric Face Turban Fashionable Neutral Washable Mask

Can protect you from pollen, dust, fine particles, second-hand smoke.

Completely safe for you and your loved ones

Fashionable and stylish design: The lightweight and durable pattern materials we use are breathable and suitable for everyday use. They are breathable and fashionable, and can be widely used in workplaces, public places, transportation, navigation, etc.

Reusable and washable at 60°C: fast-drying materials can be quickly reused.

Suitable for machine washing at 60°C to remove all microorganisms.

They are not disposable, so they can be used for a long time like scarves, scarves, balaclavas or clothes.

Suitable for adults and children: a conventional size fits most people. We have only one variant, suitable for children and small faces.                     

Material:Polyester Contains: 8PC mask